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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission: To help people have the courage to reveal the most attractive version of themselves.

Our Vision: To make sugaring more popular than waxing. was originally the hub for our Brazilian Waxing and Laser studio off of Harlan Street in Lakewood, Colorado. Over the past decade, the company has grown and expanded to include many hair removal studios like My Gold Sugar, Sabina’s Sugar Shop and Elite Image Studio in the Denver area (and too many to list in other cities across the world); along with a growing online store selling My Pink Wink, My Gold Sugar products, Vadazzle, Aequitas and Sinless Sun. My Gold Sugar’s products are used in hundreds of salons across the US and Canada, as well as other countries. My Pink Wink Cream is mainly a product used privately for do-it-yourself bleaching, but there are salons that include the cream in their bleaching procedures, as well as sell it as a retail option including private labeling. The future has yet to be told as all of these little seeds keep growing and expanding. A successful CPA once told me that a ‘business wants to grow’ and I have seen the evidence of that, thanks to our customers, clients, staff, salon partnerships and education.

Grace J Power originally was a Brazilian Wax expert, and once she discovered sugaring and how effective sugaring was for Brazilians while causing less harm to the skin, she converted Acomoclitic Studio from waxing to sugaring. After awhile, she worked with Janie Martz from Sugar It on coming up with their own sugar paste. Grace flew to Detroit and Janie let her stay at her home there. They cooked and cooked batch after batch until they finally got the perfect recipe. From there, Grace started making the sugar for Acomoclitic Studio to use in their sugaring services, and eventually started selling it to other estheticians. She called it Sugar Shack originally and then changed the name to My Gold Sugar using the crown logo from the original Acomoclitic logo.

Organically, Grace J Power’s youtube channel grew and she continued to add more self help video guides on sugaring. Currently over 250,000 subscribers!

Interested in learning how to sugar yourself at home? Check out our FREE! “A Basic Guide to Sugaring.” Interested in starting a sugaring business? You might want to check out Grace’s free book, “Find Your Niche and Get Rich: For Estheticians and Massage Therapists.” Or purchase the Kindle book on Amazon. Be sure to check out the latest deals on Grace’s  myGoldSugar in our new online store at You might also be interested in learning more about myPinkWink Cream, a vaginal and anal bleaching cream.

 Contact us for a free consultation, and experience what it’s like to be sugar smooth.  303-353-8011