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My Gold Sugar Closed for Remodel

My Gold Sugar is Upgrading Our Spray Tan Booth

At the end of this month, our office will be closed in order to install a high end spray tan booth, modelled after Sinless Sun in Cherry Creek. We have been using Sinless Sun spray solution for over 10 years now, but have never fully integrated their tried and proven spray tan business model. With the help of Sinless Sun owner, Alix Peterson, we have hired a team to build out a new spray tan booth with a drain, shower, heating, ventilation and lighting. Taryn spent two days with Alix, to learn and practise some advanced spray techniques with a brand new spray gun. We are very honored to be working with Alix so closely since she has truly perfected her trade after over a decade and thousands of sprays. She has formulated three different spray tan lines that we will be offering including ‘Tone and Firm’ with a selection of upgrade additives such as Vitamin D and DHA.

Dates Closed: Feb 26-Mar 2

Open: Mar 3 and 4 (We are filling up–so get on the books now!)

Closed: Mar 5-8

Reopened March 9th

We hope to open in time for everyone that needs sugaring and spray tanning for Spring Break. Schedule now to secure your spot!