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Microdermabrasion-Diamond Tip

What is a Microderm and what does it treat? We offer the Diamond Tip Microderm. The microderm is a form of physical exfoliation which removes the top layer of dead skin cells, rough skin, de-clogs pores and drastically improves blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin with a healthy glow and ready to absorb any serums or moisturisers and other treatments you may be getting during your appointment.
How does a Microderm work? The diamond tip microderm has a hand piece that we gently trace across the skin. The top layers of skin cells are sucked into a filtered tube attached to the hand piece.

How does a Microderm feel? The tip of the microderm is made of diamond particles that feel like a mild sandpaper on the skin.
How long is the treatment and what is the cost? A microdermabrasion treatment on it’s own is scheduled for 30 minutes at $100.

Can a microderm be combined with other treatments? Yes, it is recommended to combine the Microderm with a Chemical Peel to see maximum results.

What is the down time? There should not be any serious down time with a microdermabrasion treatment but the skin may be sensitive to heat and touch. You may get a microderm treatment and go on with your normal day afterward.

Additional info: You will notice a healthy glow for a few days following microdermabrasion, but the best results can be seen after repeated treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. Maintenance of results requires periodic repeat treatments after the initial regimen is completed. We will apply serums, moisture mist and sun block after this treatment but you will want to use a daily sub block to keep skin protected and moisturized.