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Magnetic Lashes are taking over!

The last post I made was announcing a hot new product ‘Magnetic Lashes’. Little did I know they were going to sell much faster than expected. I have been focusing the majority of my time on the lash business ever since; I even started making the lashes myself along with my cousin who invented them. It’s been a wild ride. I won’t go into all the details, but to give a brief summary….

My cousin, Gen, created the lash idea to make for herself and she told me about it. I wanted a pair right away and after I got off the phone with her, I realized other women would want a pair too. Then I thought, I should call Gen back and see if she can make me some to sell. I ordered a bunch of lashes and magnets and sent them to my cousin in Minnesota to assemble. Once she had the product I listed the item on Etsy letting customers know there was up to 14 day delay in getting their order out because we had to make the lashes. Within an hour, the first order came in. In 24 hours, I had already sold 8 lash sets. More and more kept coming in and Gen was off to the races making them. It wasn’t as easy and fast as expected and after a week, she only had 5 made. But she had learned some things along the way and made some adjustments to make them better. Each week, she found new ways to save on time so we could get the orders out. Her husband was helping quite a bit too. Most of the orders, we were able to fulfill our 14 day promise on, but there were a few times, we got behind 3 weeks. And with so many orders, there were even some that would get missed and until the customer notified us, we didn’t realize we hadn’t sent them. It was a crazy time for Rachelle and Taryn who fill the orders out of My Gold Sugar and answer the phone. Luckily, a past employee of Acomoclitic contacted us when we needed her most and asked if we could use some part time help. We put Kailyn to work right away. I also realized the phone calls were taking up a lot of Rachelle’s time and keeping her from emails and messages from other customers. It was too much for her to do it all. I started spending 3-4 hours per day just working on messages. Last month I smartened up and hired an answering service so Rachelle could be freed up to answer a lot of the online messages and I can get back to what I do best- marketing. I also ordered supplies and my cousin showed me how she was making the magnetic lashes so I was able to help too. Then I trained my other cousin, Amy, and my mom. Since, we have trained four more people including my brother and his wife, Tom and Jenny.

When I first put on a pair, they were a little uncomfortable and so I ended up cutting off the 4th magnet to make them fit nicely. I realized my eyes were a little smaller than Gen’s eyes. Some of our first positive reviews, the customers had trimmed off the 4th magnet to make the lashes fit. I decided to change the measurements of the magnets and narrow them down to only 3 instead of 4. Of course, then there were some customers who complained they didn’t have the 4th magnet and they wanted a longer lash. Now with the new magnets, I am deciding what to do. We may do a couple different sizes to give people options. For now, we are making them to fit wider eyes so people like me would need to trim the magnet. I also offer custom lashes on Etsy where people can tell me what size of eyes they have (plus choose their own lash style) and I can make them to fit.

My four year old son told me last weekend, “All you do is make lashes now. You never want to play with me.” Of course, I do still take time to play with him but I haven’t been nearly as available with all the extra lash business. I just ordered a bunch of postcards to mail to our first customers and let them know about our new design with new magnets. My son, Stellar saw me putting the ‘stickers’ on and wanted to get involved. I showed him how I was doing it and he wanted to help. I was hoping he would consider it ‘play’ but he called it ‘work’. He was really enjoying it and he told me he loved working with me. I wondered how many he would do before he got bored. He ended up stamping about 70 postcards.

I do want to let everyone know, we are transitioning into using a different magnet. We still have some inventory in stock of the first magnetic lashes, so I will keep selling those until they are sold out. In the mean time, Gen just shipped some of the new style lashes to My Gold Sugar and most of them are already sold. I have a listing on Etsy for people to order the new style, but I haven’t even added photos of the lashes yet!

This weekend I will be making a lot of lashes, including a couple new styles, Wispie and Cat Eye so I will be sure to take photos and get them posted. We offer Black and Brown in four lengths as well. I ordered some faux mink lashes and will have those available for sale next month. With Halloween around the corner, and then Cyber Monday and Christmas, I’m hoping we can make enough lashes to get them to everyone that wants them. Since we started as the only magnetic lash on Etsy and Amazon, there are now a lot of other listings. The good thing is that for right now we are the only ones offering a full lash with three magnets so the lash curves with the eye. All the other ones I have seen only cover part of the eye.