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Acomoclitic Studio was started over 10 years ago by Grace J Power. A handful of new businesses have been created from the original one room studio off of Harlan Street that specialized in Brazilians and anal bleaching for women and men. Now Acomoclitic has expanded into two new studios: Moxie and My Gold Sugar, as well as an online store

Acomocliticstudio.coBefore and Afterm is going through some changes in the coming year. Now that we have moved away from using the business name ‘Acomoclitic’, the website is going to be re-designed into more of an information site about Brazilians, sugaring, laser hair removal, spray tanning and more.

I’m still working to create the vision in my mind for this site, but I’m excited to see that we still have a lot of traffic to the site and I would like for people to find the information they are looking for.

Thank you for any and every way that you have contributed to the growth and blossoming of the seed that was planted long ago at Acomoclitic in Lakewood.

Grace J Power 12/15/16