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Chemical Peels

chemical peelsWhat is a Chemical Peel and what does it treat? A Chemical Peel is a safe, non invasive and effective procedure to treat fine lines, wrinkles, mild scarring, active acne, make skin smoother, fade brown spots, and combat discolored skin tone from sun damage. All in all, a chemical peel will help give your skin a wake up call for a fresh and glowing look.

How does a Chemical Peel work? Chemical peels are performed by the application of the specific solution that actually dissolves the skin’s top layers, either over the entire face or on specific areas.

How does a Chemical Peel feel? Depending on the solution being used, there can be a slight tingle all the way up to mild discomfort. The procedure is timed accordingly and ready to be removed if necessary but all of the Chemical Peels we offer are tolerable yet effective.
How long is a treatment? A Chemical Peel on its own is scheduled as a 30 minute service.

Can a Chemical Peel be combined with other treatments? Yes, we suggest combining a Microdermabrasion treatment with the Chemical Peel to see full potential.

How much does a Chemical Peel Cost? $50.00 to $100.00

What is the down time and how often should I get this treatment? With the Chemical Peels we offer at My Gold Sugar, you can expect to not have much down time as to not disrupt your work or personal life. For best results we suggest having a Chemical Peel treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Additional Information: After your Chemical Peel, we will apply our Sanita’s serums, moisture mist and Sun Block. It makes sense to use sun protection to protect the investment you just made. Your skin may feel tight and “peel” and look like dry skin. This is the top layer of skin coming off and should fall off on its own, no picking! It is best to avoid tanning by the sun and tanning beds. We offer Sanitas products to help you stay protected and moisturized.