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By the Hair of my Chiny, Chin Chin….

By the Hair of my Chiny, Chin Chin….

You can huff. You can puff. But you won’t knock that chin hair down. (Or lip, for that matter). You might have tried shaving, waxing, plucking, pulling, or an assortment of other means, and those hairs keep coming back. You might be thinking “where did this come from?!”. Sorry to break it to you, everyone gets them, and it can start at any age after puberty. Because acne and hormones weren’t enough for us to deal with, right? huffandpuff

The good news is, it’s not permanent if you don’t want it to be. We have a variety of options for you, depending on what you’re looking for. Sugar waxing – temporary. Laser – 95% permanent reduction and electrolysis – 100% permanent. 3 options, and one of them might be right for you. Why so many options? Because what might be right for the 20 something with darker chin hair might not be the same as the 40 something person with a white hair. Just like the hair on your head, it changes with age.

We offer complimentary consultations on any service we do, and even offer test patches so you can see, and feel, each option that would work for you. Call today and set up your free consultation! It’s easy, quick, and no down time afterwards.

Now with two locations to serve you and we are open Monday through Thursday 8-8 and Friday and Saturday, 8-7.
Golden – Just off I-70 and Youngfield (6 blocks south of AppleJacks Liquor) 303-353-8011 (Sugaring ONLY)

Lakewood – Just off 285 and Wadsworth 303-232-2116 (Laser, Sugaring & Electrolysis)