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My cousin called me the other day to tell me about these neat magnetic lashes that she made. She wondered about how she could sell them or help women know about them. Once she explained the concept to me, I was ecstatic to play a part in marketing her creation. Every woman wants a fuller lash without the hassle of mascara, gluing on fake lashes, or spending hours at the salon having lash extensions applied. What if they could easily snap into place a fake lash and be on their way?!

After looking into the concept, I could only find one other company that sells a similar item but their style of lash does not go completely over the eye. It only covers about half of the eye, so on someone like me with lighter colored lashes, I think it would look a bit funky. My cousin texted me a picture of herself wearing the lashes and they looked so great! The style she picked could easily be an everyday wear, or voluminous enough for a girls night out party, or date night.

We decided to join forces. I posted the lashes for sale online for sale and within hours we had our first sale! This item is HOT! After a day, we had 8 orders.  I placed an order of supplies so she has enough to make 200 pairs, but I hope we will be able to keep up with the orders!!

If you are interested in ordering, keep in mind that we make them by hand so it can take up to two weeks before we fill your order. To learn more about the lashes or to order today, click here.