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Anal and Vaginal Bleaching

What is the bleaching service and how does it work?

The bleaching service is meant to lighten the anus and/or vaginal areas of the body to personal satisfaction. My Pink Wink Cream which gradually fades the darker skinned areas to match the natural color of the surrounding skin. With the combination of exfoliation, microneedeling and chemical peels the color change is enhanced. The cream is made is made of natural ingredients making it safe to use on all areas of the body. It does not contain hydroquinone so no harm is caused, yet it is still effective with pigment changing peptides.

How does it feel?

They are several steps in the bleaching procedure, all of which have a different feel. You will be walked through every step before it is performed.

How long is the service and how much does it cost?

The service is scheduled for 30 minutes and is $195 per area, per session.

Can bleaching be combined with other services?

The area being bleached will see best results when hairless so having a brazilian done 3-7 days before hand is ideal. You may also shave the area before the procedure.

What is the down time?

The skin may be slightly tender for the next few hours. Prepare to not shower or sweat for the next several hours.

Additional information: With the service you are given a .5 oz My Pink Wink Cream to take home and use daily. This will ensure the fastest results.