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acomoclitic 2015-7Taryn started her career as an esthetician at Acomoclitic Studio 7 years ago. In that time, she has mastered the art of sugaring with speed as well as expert techniques to minimize discomfort. Her personality will set you at ease right away. Taryn has worked on all hair types and body types, so there is no need to be self conscious, even with some of our more modest services like Brazilians, full body spray tanning or skin tag removal.
rachelle_blackbackdrop200-300Rachelle started her esthetician career at Acomoclitic Studio four years ago. In that time she has mastered the art of sugaring and also teaches classes as well as offers one on one instruction. Rachelle has a laid back personality but is meticulous when it comes to sugaring and prides herself on getting out all of the hair, as well as ingrown hairs. She has worked on all body types and hair types and will make you feel comfortable right away.